Simply Dieting

Dieting is eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion to decrease, maintain or increase weight. A crucial part of healthy eating is having a balanced diet. Having a balanced diet means consuming from all the different food groups in the right quantities. The five food groups are whole grain, fruit and vegetables, protein, dairy and fat and sugar. A healthy eating plan emphasizes fruit and vegetables and fat free or low fat dairy products. It includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts. A healthy eating plan limits saturated and trans fats, sodium and added sugar and controls portion sizes.

Struggling to stick to your diet?

Are you struggling to stick to your diet? You're not alone. We understand how difficult it can be which is why we've created a list of tips to help you out.
If you really want to stick to your diet, then you have to find a way to stay on track, avoid temptation and to make your diet plan as fun as it can possibly be! If you want to know how to stick out a diet, just follow these easy steps.

1. Make a diet plan & stick to it

Set a diet plan for each week. How much do you want to lose per week? Don't weight yourself every day, instead pick one day to weigh yourself each week. You can stick to your plan by keeping a log of what you ate, how much you worked out and how much weight you've lost each week.

2. Stay mentally strong

Do you want to get into shape and get bikini ready for summer or is weight loss affecting your health. Whatever your reason keep telling yourself that you are determined to stick to your diet plan in order to reach your goal.

3. Don't diet alone

Find someone to diet with, you'll be much more motivated if you have people to share your dieting tips with, you can work out together and motivate each other.

4. Regularize your eating with a plan

Make sure you eat three meals a day and avoid snacking, if you start to cut meals out, then you'll just feel tired, sluggish, hungry and you'll start to lose motivation. If you have a busy schedule, try to plan when you'll have your three meals a day.

5. Reward yourself

In order to motivate yourself you should remind yourself how well you're doing. It might help you to set up a rewards system every time you reach a new goal weight.